Building modern web

We work with companies and startups to develop simple, cost-effective apps & websites.
Our solutions are responsive, mobile friendly and built upon fast, modern and scalable architectures.

Developing apps and modern frontends

We can help you build an MVP or a prototype to quickly validate your idea. Our favorite technology is Ruby on Rails, but we are also working with PHP7/Symfony and NodeJS/Express/React stacks.

We're also building static websites, UI mockups and frontend components with solid, test-driven approach.


Looking to start a new project? Our developers can also join your team for a couple of initial sprints to help setting up workflow and architecture.

We provide frontend architecture consultancy to companies looking either to roll out new greenfield project or to restructure their legacy codebase.

If you are trying to answer questions about breakpoints, frontend frameworks, Bootstrap, ES6, Gulp, Webpack, adaptive & responsive — We're happy to help.


We offer training sessions for individuals and small teams. We cover the variety of topics: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, BEM, Javascript, ES6, Gulp, Git, performance & responsive web design.

For people starting in the industry, we offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions. It can help you avoid common mistakes, validating your learning curve and career path.